教授,威尼斯人官网洛杉矶分校。 Dr. Yousef Bozorgnia is a professor at both UCLA Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences. Dr. Bozorgnia’s expertise includes earthquake engineering and ground motion hazard, with emphasis on multidisciplinary aspects of earthquake science and engineering. He has extensively published scientific papers on earthquake ground motion models, seismic hazard analysis, and structural earthquake engineering. Bozorgnia received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer (PE) in the State of California. He has been a 同伴 的 美国土木工程师协会(ASCE) 因为在2019年1998年,港汇指数,宇宙和SSA会同布鲁斯螺栓奖牌为他的地震危险性分析和地震工程的广泛贡献授予bozorgnia。