FM全球 Grad & Undergrad Internships in Loss Prevention Engineering and 研究

能效比为张贴研究生和本科生这个大好机会代表 FM全球,对等赞助商, 对等BIP构件.

Internship study is done with the involvement of FM全球’s internationally renowned loss prevention research scientists.  Research areas include fire hazards and protection (focusing on fire protection systems, fire modeling, flammability, and reactivity;) structural hazards and response (focusing on structural response and natural hazards modeling;)  risk, reliability, and failure prevention (focusing on risk & uncertainty analysis, loss statistics & operations research, equipment & system reliability, and corrosion resistance & damageability;) and, operational research (focusing on instrumentation & controls, as well as environment, health and safety needs) in support of our 研究 Campus. 
Tentative project subjects include: supporting explosion & fire tests at the Research Campus; auditing and developing safety procedures including hazardous energy control, as well as conducting various environment health and safety projects for the 研究 Campus; analyzing data for performance assessment of equipment and systems; assessing rainfall data for design storms for stochastic models; analyzing GIS data for hydrologic/hydraulic models; extracting river network features from remote sensing images; and, assessing tidal flooding models with historical storms.
Undergraduate intern candidates are expected to be either juniors or seniors in an engineering or science discipline.  Graduate interns must be enrolled in either a masters or doctorate program in an engineering discipline.  Primary consideration will be given to mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, reliability, or fire protection engineering, as well as operations research, statistics/mathematics, or Earth & Planetary Sciences disciplines.  Occasionally, other disciplines may be considered.
进一步信息,请联系毫秒。头饰adducie在 tiara.adducie@fmglobal.com或者+1 401-415-1987。

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